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Marcus Smith, the CEO and Founder of SmithShaper LLC, was  a former competitive bodybuilder.  For more than 12 years, he enjoyed the many advantages of working out in gyms and health clubs especially when it came to the equipment available for his favorite and most effective core and lower body exercise,  squats.  Most people would agree that squats, if done correctly, are a vital exercise for building a strong core and overall body foundation.


When Marcus' lifestyle changed and his work schedule began to creep in, he didn't  have as much time to commit to the gym or health club.  Like many of you, Marcus  shifted his workouts from the gym to home, in order to save time.  Marcus quickly realized that working out in his home basement was great, but it had its limitations.  He didn't have the space necessary for the large commercial gym equipment he had been accustomed to.




Tiffany Morales uses SmithShaper Ab Roller & Squat Exercise Device to perform perfect posture rolling wall squats.The most significant thing missing from his home workout routine at the time, was an effective squat. Marcus tried stability ball squats but found them lacking.  He wanted more squatting range of motion than a stability ball had to offer.  Moreover, stability balls are an inefficient way of doing squats. Marcus has always been a stickler for good form, especially squat form.


Marcus began contemplating the idea of developing an exercise solution that allowed him to do squats, hands free, in areas of very limited space, and with perfect form.   After months of trial and error, he developed a prototype of a portable device that forced him to practice correct posture and form throughout the squat movement.  It was critical that the resulting equipment also worked to increase core and lower body strength.  This innovative device, now known as the SmithShaper, met all of Marcus' requirements.


Marcus shared the new device in his local community. People used it at home as well as in physical therapy and rehab...  The feedback Marcus received was overwhelmingly positive.




SmithShaper President,  Louis Morales, learned about the early SmithShaper prototype when looking into business opportunities associated with 3D printing.  Louis was struck by an article he found on Marcus' 3D printed prototype of the SmithShaper.  Louis, a beach volleyball player and coach, suffered a serious knee injury while playing football in the 1980's.  Louis has since looked for ways to protect and strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the knee in order to offset the damage caused by osteoarthritis.   The SmithShaper was just the compact device he was looking for.  After working with the initial prototype Louis was hooked.  He then joined forces with Marcus because he felt there had to be many people besides himself  that could benefit from Marcus' innovation.


Louis, who has a Product Management background, teamed with Marcus to further improve the SmithShaper.   With Louis' help the SmithShaper has a new wheel and axle configuration that not only rolls smoother, it's quieter and lighter too.  Louis is enthusiastic about the SmithShaper's new  high quality soft thermoplastic rubber wheels which will not mark or indent walls and can also be used on fine floors.


Designed to be worn like a backpack for hands-free squats, or used on the floor for several other exercises, the Smithshaper help those who:


  1. Want to tone and shape their bodies (e.g. abs, core, glutes, legs, obliques, chest, arms & shoulders)
  2. Want to build muscle and improve athletic performance
  3. Want to rehabilitate and strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding previously injured joints.


With the SmithShaper now in the U.S. Patent process, Marcus and Louis are proud of how far the unique SmithShaper has come.  They both continue to use the SmithShaper as part of their exercise routines.



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